Why Is My Water Bill So High?

high water bill.jpg

Did your water bill just suddenly increase? Do you have a leak somewhere? One way to check is to make sure no water is running in your house.

Check your toilets thoroughly. Leaking toilets are among the most common causes of high water bills. If you hear your toilet refilling too often, or if you hear a hissing noise as a result of running water, the flapper may be leaking. An average flapper can run for about $10, and come with easy instructions on how to replace it. If that does not solve your leaking toilet, it's time to call Plumb Unique to get it repaired professionally.

Locate your water meter and look for the red triangle on the dial. If it is moving, there is a leak somewhere. If you also know where your main shut off valve is located, close it completely and see if the triangle is still moving. If it is, the leak is probably in your yard and should be dug up and repaired. If the triangle moves when the whole house shut off is turned back on, the leak is somewhere in or under your house.

Call Plumb Unique to do the final locate and repair. The phone number is (972) 863-9301. Once repaired, call you water purveyor to see if they will help you with a credit. Acting quickly will save money and damage to your property.